Prince Ebeano Supermarket

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Chevron Drive, Lekki, Lagos


In summary, the sales girls and especially those at the counter are downright rude with no atom of humility towards customers. Their body language Oozes laziness and pomposity. More often than not they size up customers. That determines the level of service they decide to give.

They all require training on the importance of customer service for a business that requires constant customer patronage. Besides the fact that it's a one stop supermarket and that I started off with them (as a customer) another reason that gets me going back is the fact that the business owner is such a down to earth humble man very opposite to the staff whose intent if they have their way is to run down the business with their bad unapologetic services. The security men.... Another kettle of fish. They don't even hide their bad attitude. Not once, twice or even three times have I seen them rudely arguing with customers. BIG put off!!!

I also often go to the branch in lekki and the experience there is pleasantly different, like the supermarket isn't owned by the same person.

I'm hoping that these lapses would be looked to into to avoid more bad experiences for customers.

Spot checks should also be done on staff not just stock alone.

Many Thanks


I went to the bakery and there was nobody available to attend to me...They were visibly walking around and I was asking loud enough for anyone to hear.."is there anyone available" they just looked up at me...rolled their eyes and continued as though I wasn't there.....This is the worst experience I have ever had anywhere.

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Grocery, Gift Shop, Supermarket
Chevron Drive, Lekki, Lagos


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Prince Ebeano Supermarket

Grocery, Gift Shop, Supermarket Chevron Drive, Lekki, Lagos
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